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We observe more so now than ever that our world needs less individuals and more collectives. 

Our mission is to not only introduce eco and mindful living but to also create a space of community. That’s why we are not only focused on what we bring to the table, we would also love to hear from you.

We intend to create a community through our brand's umbrella. A platform for other locals to share their earth conscious creations and products. Our brand supports those that offer an uplifting impact on people’s awareness, life and sense of self. We intend to assist in creating community not only here within South Africa but around the world.

We intend for this awareness that we share to empower people to make earth-conscious decisions. We intend deeply to help not only people but our planet. Creating non-harmful , biodegradable products and a network of like-minded people.


What are your gifts to the world?
How would you like to you make a difference?

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