Tips to make healthy meal prep quick and easy 

We all want to live a life where we are filled with energy so we can live it to the absolute fullest! Thats why we need a healthy diet. We need to nourish ourselves from the inside before we can live a wholesome life on the outside. 

I have noticed for most ,that the biggest stress when it comes to healthy eating, is the time it takes to prepare each meal. 
So Iv thought of a few quick and easy ways to ensure you not always in the kitchen and to enjoy the time when you’re prepping.

Make yourself a cuppa

I used to find that my mind would get all frazzled when meal prepping as there is SO much to do at once. The sipping I found is really grounding. It brings you back. Be it tea or coffee, maybe even a glass of red wine 😉 Whatever it is , make yourself something that you enjoy. 

Play your favorite music 

Jam it out! Put on whatever you enjoy the most. Your food will taste even more delicious as your creative juices flow! 

Time goes by when you’re having fun!

Sharp knives 

Otherwise you often end up doing double the work. Just be present as you don’t want to cut yourself! (Sip on your beverage 🙂


Oh how my best friend and I love and use this sweet piece of stainless steel. You can rinse , wash ,drain. And you can throw in whatever needs to be rinsed for a dish. Rinse all together and then chop with your wonderfully sharp knife 🙂 


Am I the only one who finds that many people don’t own a pair of scissors for the kitchen? Or a really old-blunt pair. It baffles my mind. They are a must! You can get into sealed items easily, trim ingredients into salads ( celery ,spring onion ) 


“Not only for cheese!” 🙂 I recently discovered that I can use my grater for garlic, ginger,cucumber,marrows,beetroot. These are just few examples. You will also fall inlove ,specially when adding garlic to dishes. It’s quick and if you use a glove,NO garlic fingers afterward 😀 


Get them in all shapes and sizes. You can NEVER have too many! If the food is ready in your fridge ,believe me you WILL eat healthily. I always keep a little one in my car with nuts to snack on. Also have one with different herbals teas (I’m obsessed) 

Try these few tips and see how your mind shifts about not having enough “time” to eat a healthy diet. You won’t regret it! 


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