The Self Love bath 

The etheric and real kind. 

Got a bit side tracked earlier when running my bath. Came back to a full tub and thought , “yep it’s meant to be a self love,Epsom salts, essential oiled, candle lit kind of bath”. 

Epsom salts

Restores the body with magnesium sulfate as it gets absorbed through the skin (make sure the bath is really full with the water as hot as you can handle).

With many other benefits, Epsom salts also helps with inflammation. Wonderful after an intense workout or during a detox. 

Essential oils

Because nothing says “I love you” more than pampering yourself with beautiful smellies. 

Different oils have different benefits too. Research accordingly


Choose some crystals to place around your bath. I personally chose rose and clear quarts. 

The clear quarts is amazing for cleansing and the rose Quartz is a love stone. Perfect for the self love splash ! 

Place them on each corner of the bath to really create a healing vortex. 


They just so pretty and really the mood for unwinding. 

Also brings in the beautiful fire element. A wonderful reflection of that goddess flame within you. 

How to consciously bath 

It’s all about tuning into your being, physical body and really using your imagination! Imagination calls for successful visualization. 

  • Imagine the water rinsing off the old energy that no longer serves you. 
  • Start to visualize different situations that really hurt you. Wash them away…
  • Allow the salty water to cleanse your being, to cleanse the past. To cleanse away old debre. 
  • Shift your awareness to your light body, your etheric body. Scan through your chakras and “rinse” them with white light as you lay in the steamy bath. 
  • Say a mantra if you would like. It may be “I love the core of my being, for I AM love”. Keep repeating the mantra with your hands at your heart centre in prayer. 
  • Allow yourself to get into a trance through the mantra.
  • You should feel yourself sweating from the heat of the water. Allow these droplets to gently fall off your body, into the bath. 
  • When you feel ready, you may pull the plug. Let the water drain out whilst sitting in the bath.
  • Once more visualize everything that no longer serves you, falling away. Being sent back to Mother Earth 🙃



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