The ego in yoga

Well, those 4 words have been arranged incorrectly. I’m going to try that again..

In yoga the ego starts to decipate as we slowly detach from our minds through out the practice. We allow our body to guide as as deeply as we are ready to go. This is where the spiritual connection comes in. This is where you REALLY meet with yourself,the connection to your soul is made😌.

I have honestly been feeling a little bugged lately. Bugged at how many people (and too many at that) truly believe that they are practicing yoga. When really, all you are doing is a really impressive arm balance.

Yoga is not about how far your body can bend but how far your mind can go. How far you can leave your mind to meet your soul. This is where the magic happens. This is yoga. This is where there is no ego because you are aunthenticly you.

“You are here on earth 

to unearth who on earth you are”

Teachers. You are teaching from your soul. There is no ego in soul. So please, read the following.

Your roll as a yoga teacher is:

  • Introduce yourself to every class and then, ask about injuries. Your class is about your students not about you. So make an effort to know each of them.
  • Set an intention with your students. OR, guide them to set their own. Again the class is for them. Guide them inward before you even think about the physical practice.
  • Watch your students from Surya Namaskara. Chuttarunga, a wonderful indicator at the arm strength of your students. Only then decide which asanas should be taught. It’s about what THEY can do.
  • Push your students yes. Push them deeper into asanas whilst building their courage. Do not show off by doing a pose that they haven’t even seen before. ADJUST classes according to students level.
  • Adjustments!! Get off your mat and see that students are correct in each asana. Whilst motivating them, BE POSITIVE
  • Create an inspiring environment. Be inspired yourself! Your vibration sets the energetic tone for the class.
  •  Bring students back to their intention throughout the class. As well as guide conscious releasing. Again yoga is not just the physical.
  • SAVASANA. This is the most important part of the practice. This is when the mind leaves the body and the body relaxes deeply. This is where the magic happens. The emotions come out, inspiration fills students being. This is where the true self is touched, felt and healed. At least a 5minute guided SAVASANA. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Students bodies will relax if you guide them into it and the rest will happen automatically. Then importantly , guide them out of it RESPONSIBLY. If you do not understand the importance of the body to soul cord. Then read up on these things. Make an effort to constantly expland YOUR knowledge.

Yoga is not a gym workout. It is a work out FOR the working-out of the soul…For healing of the mind to heal the physical body. It starts within and works its way out.

That’s the intention of yoga.


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