How I bless my food and why it taught me self love.

Over the past few years I have learnt the importance of blessing my food. My first “ah ha” moment , was when I hacked into a grapefruit. I know that’s a violent word to use, but that’s exactly what it was. Violent and not mindful.

After being out and about. Frolicking in the sun for hours, I came home famished. I reached for the beautifully-ripe fruit and cut into it without acknowledging what I was doing. I wasn’t present, wasn’t grounded and almost cut my hand in the process.

With a half in each hand, I looked at this fruit and how perfectly proportioned it was. At how each pretty-pink segment fitted perfectly into each section. I realised then how sacred  geometry flows through everything. It flows through us every, single day. I realised that eating is sacred. Feeding our bodies and fueling our being, is indeed a sacred act.

So with a heavy heart from my actions   , I looked at that grapefruit with so much love and said, “you are BEAUTIFUL and I am sorry“…

I wasn’t just speaking to a fruit. I was speaking to myself. I was sorry for not being mindful of myself as a being. Being beautifully imperfect and SO deserving of acknowledgment.
This moment had me wonder to myself when last I had actually been gentle towards myself. When last had I taken the time to acknowledge my beauty and all my magnificence as a human being. I realised that in not being present, it’s both painful and quite damaging.

The grapefruit wasn’t crying for being cut open. But my soul almost yelled to me that everything around me is me. Because I am that, that I am. Everything we say or do is self realised by the self.

By my actions and often ways of doing things. Without being mindful and by being rushed , came frustration. My sweet self was absorbing all these actions unto its self. Actions that were not gentle and love filled. I was polluting my own being.

Lesson learnt, it was time to do this in a gentle more mindful manner. I didn’t bless each meal thereafter. Or each fruit before cutting it. It takes time to uncondition our minds habits. It takes patience, constant reminding and doing so with love.

Just like self love. . .

Here’s what I learnt to do, over time 🙂


I start by opening my hands and placing them around my food. Then gently closing my eyes I start by visualising the earth. Depending on what I’m about to eat, be it a fruit or a veggie. I visualise where it came from. Was it from a tree? A shrub? Or was it rooted deeply into the earth?

I imagine all the elements, earth, air, water and fire. I visualise how they all came together to create this blessing that is about to nourish my body. I imagine how much love God and Mother Gaia has for us. For creating perfectly crafted food for our bodies. This love flows like a river when my mind plays the evolution of a seed to a fruit. Like a movie in fast forward. I ground myself into Mother Gaia’s magnificent embrace and say to myself , “thank you”


So, when someone makes me a meal or when eating out. I take out my hand sponges 😀 There are no actual sponges in sponging. It’s just a whole lot of opening up to receive love. Similar to earthing. I open my hands, close my eyes. Except this time I think about the love that has come from this person. “This person’s soul’s creative-energy produced this”. That’s a whole lot of love waiting for you to receive. Again imagination. Picture someone smiling when cooking your meal. Their hands decorating your plate from their own heart. Picture there heart centre hovering about your plate.

Absorb this. You deserve this love. We are here having a human experience from our only truth. Which is love. Love is shared , not contained. That’s how we embrace this body and embrace our life.

Sponging has taught me that I am worthy of love. That I need to be susceptible to receive love. It has taught me the most important aspect to love myself, and that’s to be open to all the love that is constantly flowing around me. . . That love can only be found once we acknowledge that divine, abundant flow in our own being.

Letting go

Oh how people still pause when my paws reach around my plate and my eyes close for a moment of mindful silence. At first I was shy to bless my food in public. But I think all of us are unraveling ourselves more. We are becoming more self aware. Which , funny enough , guides us to stop caring about what people think. When we let go of inhibition, we do what makes us feel good and whole inside. Without putting ourselves down and rather building ourselves up. This is self love right? Building ourselves up by being authentically true to ourselves.

Another beautiful thing about doing what YOU love. No matter where you are. Is that, it echoes. People who observe will quickly reflect. In actual fact by blessing your food in public, you are teaching those around you to be more mindful. To also do and not give a damn what people think. People will respect you! For you respect yourself.

They might even ask you to bless their food! This is fun 🙂 spreading the love.

Love echoes.

Know that love is your birthright. It’s where you come from and it’s the way home. By being more mindful with something that we do 3 or sometimes 6 times a day! We can send and receive a whole lot of love. Love that aids is in healing but more so as a conscious whole. Become more connected to each other from our bellys to our hearts.  Heal our planet.

“Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars.”
-Serbian Priverb

Absorb , bless and repeat!


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