Letting go with the full moon •

I’m sure you hear of people talking about full moons and how crazy they feel over this time. You might be a sceptic in thinking the moon doesn’t affect you. 

That’s okay. 

I’m going to ask you to observe yourself during the course of today and tomorrow. Just observe your thoughts and most importantly the feelings that arise. 

Nothing is random. Everything is relevant and interconnected to you. 

Feelings require your awareness. Notice what they are telling you. They are highlighting that which needs to be healed. 

Letting go. That is the art of healing. 

Think of a full moon as a build up. It’s a build up of light in the sky and once it is full. Holding on with so much might. It is released. 

Release with this globe of light. Let go of that which you are holding onto. It might be experiences from the past or even worry for the future. Letting go grounds us into the present. Be here now. 

If you live by the ocean, observe the tides as the moon shines brightly upon the waves. Notice the waves within yourself as your mind constantly shifts from one thought to the next. You are made up of 65% water. Connect your elements to the elements around you. Observe. 

If you would like to connect on a deeper level. Try one or a few of these practices tonight: 


Write down your thoughts and feelings as they come up during the full moon period. Shifting the mind stuff onto paper is a way of releasing. It is a wonderful way to observe what your subconscious is telling you. To observe where we can heal and improve ourselves. 

Journaling a few days leading up to full moon as well as a few days after is an exciting way to self interrogate. 

Remember to always write from heart space. Ground into your being and he be gently as you observe your thoughts and  emotions. 


Taking time to sit in silence with this energy is a cleansing in itself. Connect to Gaia for a wonderful sense of grounding. Connect to heart space by focusing on your chest area. Envisioning a magnificent emerald green light whilst the moon shines unto being. Allow the light of the moon to fill in all of the shadowy bits that have been created within yourself over the past few weeks. Let go of the negative. Let go of that which does NOT serve your highest good. Let go with love. 


Light up that sage and smoke out all of the old energy. As you light your smudge stick, tap into the moon. Acknowledge the light that it brings. Then work together to cleanse your home, your aura as well as the auric field of your animals. 

Harness the full moons energy to bring light into your space. 


A resortaive yoga practice involves deep breathing. Breathing through asanas in a yin practice is a joyful way to release. 

Get out all of the bolsters, pillows and blankies. Create a sacred space for yourself with candles and of course your crystals. Play some relaxing music, set your intention of release. It may even be, “I let go of all that no longer serves me, with love”. Then allow yourself to exhale out any tension that you have accumulated over the weeks. 

These are just a few rituals that I personally do over full moon. You can create your own ritual (ritual being a set of actions, often with symbolic value, performed in a ceremonial manner) by taking little bits and bobs from what you have read. The best way to go , is to follow your intuition. Tap in. What does your inner voice as of you. 

Lastly I research before hand. It is wonderful to know what the full moon represents. 

Check out this precious lady’s website for a deeper overview on the moon tonight.

Happy howling light-babies, 


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