“What anxiety?” Herbal Tea

The past few days have been overwhelming after such an intense new moon transition. We are all feeling the emotional termoil from being faced with the past stuff.

Thoughts arising from past experiences. Reminding us to observe what is still to be healed. To be released.

I thought I’d share this easily accessible remedy. Made from natures precious and healing flowers.

Chamomile and Passion Flower.

The combo of these herbs will calm your nerves. They are both so wonderful for anxiety and/or depression.

Sip sip a few hours before bed and sleep like a happy baby.

Oh and no need for gallivanting in a magestical forest. As fun as the forest could be. . . You don’t even need to look online.

Dischem! Yippee! You can get these two herbies from there. Look at the homeopathic section and try not to buy all of the essential oils on the way. OH the distractions!
Add a teaspoon of each in a little tea strainer. Leave for about 10 minutes to get the most out of these healing plant babies.

Organic honey served by my Barbie spoon to add a little inner child healing to the mix. BYE anxiety, BYE 😉

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