Accepting energy exchange

These 3 words should be part of your daily mantra if you are seeking abundance. I am talking about abundance in all areas of life.

Allowing the flow of giving and taking, makes room for abundance. The beautiful balance between the 2, creates a harmony for the push and pull that life places on us. When we are in harmony so is the world around us.

An imbalance could be where we give abundantly. Giving, giving always giving. Yet when it comes to another wanting to help us in any way, we decline.
This causes a blockage where we end up feeling exhausted and find ourselves saying, “I am always so kind, when is this good karma going to come back?”

Well, the truth is it does. It tries to come back to you in various forms. You, unfortunately, have gotten so used to your independence that you have blocked off your receiver.

Energy is balanced, yin and yang. Push and pull. Give and take. The simplest way to explain an exchange of energy is the exchange of money.

When we need something that we do not have. We buy that something with the money that we ourselves have earned.
For example:
You head off to the cafe to give money to receive coffee and a sarmie before filling your car with petrol.
The waiter at the cafe is the communication current between you and the kitchen. He too makes an effort to make you smile this morning. You enjoy your morning snack, pay for it and leave a tip to thank him for his service.
The petrol attendant fills up your car before you head to work. He might even clean your window. You thank him and tip him too. (Hopefully)

We give up something to receive another. Letting go to attain. Just as your boss does when you are paid your monthly salary.
And so this cycle continues through life.
This constant flow of push and pull, give and take. . .

Giving and receiving



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