Declutter for Peace

Be it past relationships , past jobs or the past you. Leave it where it belongs and focus on the now. Be in your “here now” space,this present moment. 
I have come to realize that what surrounds you defines you. Not just the people you have chosen but your physical space in which you reside. 

” With open spaces we have room to breathe, to move, to expand and grow”

It is vitally important to keep your nests neat and tidy. Your home or room, even your car. I don’t mean tidy as in organized and orderly. I mean tidy of clutter. Spacious. With open spaces we have room to breathe, to move, to grow

Items of the past hold memory and block energy. It may not be a bad memory but if it’s that of a past loved one, friend or even an old job, keep it out of your current space. There is only room for so much, and new simply cannot flow in when there is old clutter. 

Here are steps that I use to declutter for peace: 

Step 1: Centering before cleansing 

Sit in a comfortable , cross legged , up right position. Gently close your eyes and bring your hands to your heart. Enjoy conscious deep breaths. Through each breath bring your awareness inward. Focusing the mind on the here and now 

Step 2: Surround your intentions with love

The past no longer serves you yet you must be gentle as there were lessons there. Treat the past with love. Visualize your memories being surrounded by white light. 

Step 3: Allow yourself to let go

Say to yourself , out loud  “I am allowing myself to let go of moments from my past that no longer serve. I deserve peace within my heart , mind and soul. I deserve peace now” 

Step 5: Burn some sage 

Burning dried sage is perfect to diminish toxic energies. If you don’t want to burn sage , there is a sage spray that works just as well. 

Walk around your space with the burning sage and pick up items from your past that no longer serve you. As you pick each item up visualize it being replaced with love. 

Step 6: Find a charity store 

After collecting all the items you wish you depart with. Put them in a bag, into your car and drop them off at local charity shop near you. 

Step 8: Bless your space 

Walk through your space one last time. Maybe even rearranging to really allow new energy to flow freely. Really acknowledge your space and visualize it being filled up with white beautiful light! 

Do this as often as you wish. I particularly like to do this a few days before full moon. Not necessarily throwing out things but cleansing my space with sage. 

I hope this helps with maintaining a clean, positive space. Here and now 🙂


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