Soar through your awakening

The scariest thing is questioning all that you think you believe in and following your intuition instead.

But damn it’s rewarding.

Iv always grown up in a conscious environment. Where there has always been incense burning, smiling Buddhas,  sunset walks, moon bathing, soul talks and an abundance of love. Love. Love is where it all begins.

We come from love, we are love and we shine in the light when we love unconditionally. 

Love for parents. Love for nature. Love for our animals (specially the ones that are not our own). Love for what we have been blessed with. Love for our breath and breathing heart. Love for this gift we call life. But more so than ever, love for ourselves. 

However we haven’t all been brought up in this sort of environment. Specially growing up in the city where nature is in the distance. Being confined to concrete walls. Confined into a box, mind as well as our true nature. 

Being told not to do this, not to do that. Conform, conform, conform. And for what? To move toward being complete replicas of one another?

School plays a huge roll in this.We have all experienced this no matter where we were brought up. Attending school to gain an education. An education that will “help” up one day provide for ourselves in a systematic world. 

Not only an environment where we are brought up thinking we are “wrong”, but an environment that is to filled with judgement. Judgement unto others. Judgement unto ourselves. Where all that self doubt and the “I’m not good enough” self talk began. 

After 12 years of being a box. How can we possibly break through all these layers and meet ourselves? Meet our soul. 

That’s where we have been blessed with feelings. You know how people say “that person had a good vibe” or “that place had a good vibe”. 

Vibes. Feelings. That little feeling you get in your tummy. That little voice in your head. That’s YOU. That’s your soul speaking to you. That is your true being telling you what is good and what ISN’T good for you. Whether you are on YOUR path or not. Trust this.

Once you find yourself flowing into the true state that is YOU. Things will start to change. YOU will start to change. This is the scary part because we are not all accepting to change. Specially when EVERYTHING you believe in gets shifted and knocked around. Including the people you love and have loved for so long. 

Understand that the awakening you experience is infectious. Your vibration shifts to such a high frequency that you attract light. You attract the positive. So do not by any means think that you cannot speak about the change going within you. 

Speak about your new found independence in yourself. 

Speak about your new found passions in life.

Speak about your relalizations as you waft through the journey of your soul.


You cannot grow unless you are authentic in your being. Authentic in speaking your mind. Really speaking your truth. When you avoid your authentic self,that’s when the heartache comes. That’s when your inner world turns to a negative state. Why? Because you are ignoring yourself. You are ignoring your soul. You are telling yourself that “I AM NOT ENOUGH” , that “I AM NOT HAPPY BEING ME”

And just like that. Self love falls away. And you live a life in lack. Only because your inner world reflects your external. You are in control. 

How amazing is that though. That you grew up believing that you must abide and be controlled by the world around. No, there is only you. You born alone and you die alone. Think about that. Think about WHY life is set out that way. It is really just you, and your souls journey.

The most magical part of awakening is that we are awakening together. We are all coming into our true being and meeting our soul. 

You are never EVER alone 

Because you have you 

And I have me

And you and I equals we 

with love from Tiffany Freeman,
our yogini at Ecomaya.

We are ONE!


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