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Accepting energy exchange

These 3 words should be part of your daily mantra if you are seeking abundance. I am talking about abundance in all areas of life. Allowing the flow of giving and taking, makes room for abundance. The beautiful balance between the 2, creates a harmony for the push and pull that life places on us. […]

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Daily Decadent Smoothie

This smoothie is for everyone! With the flavors of coffee, coconut milk and banana. This green smoothie is easy to digest and is rather delicious.   Ingredients  1 banana handful baby spinach (big one) teaspoon organic coffee tablespoon oats teaspoon flax seeds teaspoon chai seeds half cup coconut milk half teaspoon tumeric dash of pepper […]

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Rooted Brunch 

Sometimes the savory cravings are so real. Specially after a high intensity workout. Your body craves protein and usually we feel we have had our fix if it’s a savory meal.  So if the thought of cinnamon and oats doesn’t tickle your fancy. Why not just skip to brunch.  I whipped this up in 5 […]

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“What anxiety?” Herbal Tea

The past few days have been overwhelming after such an intense new moon transition. We are all feeling the emotional termoil from being faced with the past stuff. Thoughts arising from past experiences. Reminding us to observe what is still to be healed. To be released. I thought I’d share this easily accessible remedy. Made […]

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Choci Feels

Vegan and antioxidant packed. This little frezzo is a little life safer for those chocolate cravings.  It’s also filling from the chai seeds. Perfect as an afternoon snack.  Only a few ingredients 🙂  Half banana  Heaped tbl spoon cacao  Tsp chai seeds  Half cup coconut milk  2 little dark (vegan) chocolate blocks  Half cup ice  […]

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Turmeric Chai – yumyum

SO usually I get my turmeric kick through my morning coffee. Yet some days my body isn’t in the space for a caffeine punch. I’m sure you know what I mean? I invented this little treat yesterday afternoon. Amongst playing with ze new canon. Outside in the cold, where my entire being needed some snug […]

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