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Banana Pudding Mish-Mash

Banana Pudding Mish-Mash 1 ripe banana Handful frozen blueberries 3 tsp peanut butter Tsp chai seeds Half tsp hemp seeds Tbl cacao Banting cereal (that one with all the coconut and nuts) Honey drizzle (if you keen, I felt like a blood sugar pick-me-uppa) Slice up that banana into a bowl with some gratitude. Smeer […]

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Daily Decadent Smoothie

This smoothie is for everyone! With the flavors of coffee, coconut milk and banana. This green smoothie is easy to digest and is rather delicious.   Ingredients  1 banana handful baby spinach (big one) teaspoon organic coffee tablespoon oats teaspoon flax seeds teaspoon chai seeds half cup coconut milk half teaspoon tumeric dash of pepper […]

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Rooted Brunch 

Sometimes the savory cravings are so real. Specially after a high intensity workout. Your body craves protein and usually we feel we have had our fix if it’s a savory meal.  So if the thought of cinnamon and oats doesn’t tickle your fancy. Why not just skip to brunch.  I whipped this up in 5 […]

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Turmeric Chai – yumyum

SO usually I get my turmeric kick through my morning coffee. Yet some days my body isn’t in the space for a caffeine punch. I’m sure you know what I mean? I invented this little treat yesterday afternoon. Amongst playing with ze new canon. Outside in the cold, where my entire being needed some snug […]

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”Wake me up!” Tumeric Coffee

My 2 favorite things in the whole wide world! Who would have thought that they go so beautifully together ? 🙂  This new discovery wakes me up in the morning, wakes up my digestive system. All whilst getting the Tumeric I need for the day! how divine ? Ingridients Half teaspoon Tumeric  Quarter teaspoon fresh […]

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Coconut-chai quinoa breakfast 

If you like coconut and a healthy breakfast then this is for you!  The quinoa and chai seeds will fill you up and give you energy for the morning. The quinoa is the only thing that takes a little time to cook. Jut cook some on a Monday, tuppaware and refrigerate for the week.  THIS […]

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