corporate yoga classes near me johannesburg south africa mindfulness in workplace

With mindful movement we can create calm minds.
With intent we can achieve goals.
With focus we can envision.
We want the elements of yoga that create balance to reach business environments too. Group yoga classes at the workplace gives the opportunity for employees to reconnect with themselves and one another.
These classes are impactful for individuals and the team as a whole. A great opportunity for team building too. As much as yoga is practiced individually, it creates a sense of openness among employees.
We can think of corporate yoga classes as mindful team building and individual growth, all in one.


A 60 minute guided yoga class which involves a gentle meditation too.
The space and opportunity for staff to recollect themselves at the workspace. Perfect during lunch breaks.


Two 60 minute classes is a great way to distill a new intention or objective within the company.


Two 60 minute classes per week. Offering 2 classes to staff ensures that balance is maintained throughout the working environment as well as within each individual.

Let’s create a mindful &
empowered workspace.