We know how much you love & deserve natural, high quality products.
We also know how crazy the markup is on anything labeled organic.
That’s why we have created affordable, organic-ingredient products.

Our products are completely non-harmful to the environment, most skin types and of course your budget!

Using the purest ingredients sourced locally and from our other favourite local, India. We do our absolute best to support other eco-focused entrepreneurs. As our intention is to really uplift & support our community as best we can.



Sacred Sanitiser

An organic blend of ingredients that draw your senses to "be here now". With the help of witch hazel, our sanitizer will rid your yoga mat of any pesky germs. We love that this product can be used to sanitize any surface, even a yoga-sweaty face. Leaving your space feeling squeaky clean ane sacred. **FREE SHIPPING AROUND SOUTH AFRICA**


Proudly made with organic South African ingredients.