Just as we wake up when the sun rises and sleep as it sets. Tuning into the maya of the universe entails us to remember this deep connection to our environment. Sun and moon.

The moon cycle creates room for us to constantly create and release. As a new cycle begins, so we set our visions and dreams into order. Slowly as the cycle moves we come to the end (full moon) and here the opportunity to release.

We as intelligent beings cannot attain without letting go. It’s as simple as this. Each human on this planets strives for more. This drives is what makes us feel purposeful and alive. The more we grow the more we experience the fruits of truly being alive.

Monthly workshops are held and facilitated on the given dates :

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  • Tasty Vegan Banting Wrap

    October 23, 2019 by

    I woke up excited for breakfast, as always. Was pushed for time though. So I took out a pumpkin wrap, started decorating and oh boy I’m excited to share this tasty vegan Banting wrap with you. Vegan Banting Wrap Pumpkin wrap Half an avo Tsp hemp pesto Few fresh basil leaves Half tomatoe Tsp pumpkin… Read more

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  • Fruitiest SUMMER – Activated Charcoal Smoothie

    October 22, 2019 by

    Incorporating activated charcoal into your diet will encourage your body to flush out toxins more regularly. It’s also really pretty to look at. When we first created this smoothie, our thought was, “cosmic”. Looking like star dust but actually full of fruitiness & vitamins. Just try it, TRUST us! Ingredients tsp activated charcoal 4 large… Read more

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